1972 Dodge Charger$35,000

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Name: Andrew Huttner
Price: $35,000
Email: ajhuttner@yahoo.com
Location: Brooklyn Center, MN
Price Analysis: Poor Deal, 33.0 % above market avg. What's this?
rallye car, hp440-4bbl, 4 speed, Hurst pistol grip,Dana 60 all original to the car! I have all the production broadcast for this vehicle and it is a nice one! I have owned this since 1996 and it might be time to part with it? My family bought this from the original family and once it became mine I held on for 20 or so years. This car is not perfect due to the original interior, there is a scratch in the paint that might buff out? I have records of overhauling the drivetrain to new or better and the DYNO records show it at 408hp and 478ft lbs of torque. this car has 2 fender tags and a lot of high performance and heavy duty parts from the factory! almost 45 years old and will scare the girls or impress the boys.