1965 Ford Mustang$36,275

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Price: $36,275
Contact: View Original Ad from Hemmings
Location: Orlando, FL
Price Analysis: Poor Deal, 15.0 % above market avg. What's this?
DO NOT miss this end of the year special!!<br /> Here is a once in a lifetime opportunity to own a 1 owner California Mustang Fastback!!<br /> This car was $53and#44;995 and you can get it NOW for $36and#44;275 and save $17and#44;720!!!</p> <p>Yes ladies and gentleman it is pony time here at Just Toys Classic Cars and we are so proud to present a rare find. This is a 1965 Ford Mustang Fastback 4 speed. Now you might sayand#44; I know that they didnt make that many fast backs but that isnt that rareand#44; and you would be right. What makes this car so rare is that it is a one owner California car. Thats right folksand#44; whoever purchases this car will only be the second owner of it. So do we have your attention now? We thought so.</p> <p>Since April 17th 1964 to this very dayand#44; yours truly included have been going nuts over the original pony carand#44; the Ford Mustang. This car here is a very fine example of why people then and people now go nuts over this car. This car here truly is a one owner car and the miles are original. There has been one repaint on the car that was done about 5-7 years ago. The name of the color is Silver Smoke Gray. This is a very unique color that you wont find a handful of at your local car show or cruise night. We do have access to the original wheels that the car was born with and you can have those shipped with the car if you wanted them.</p> <p>Now lets talk about that C code 289 under the hood. The only upgrade to the motor was an Edelbrock intake and carb and the cobra valve covers. You can also get the original carb and intake that come with the car if you choose to. This is the original motor that the car was born with and the A/C is a very nice added touch for those hot summer days. This is a great running car and the clutch on the matching 4 speed transmission is right and tight as well. All of this goes out to a 2.80 rear gear so you can get a little punch and some fuel economy as well.</p> <p>Nowand#44;as you slide on up to the driver door and get yourself in this rare ponyand#44; you are going to see the 100% original interior. Remember that this is a one ownerand#44; California car with only 45and#44;xxx miles on it. Everything works exactly as it should. The only modern convenience has been the modern stereo that was put in the car and an amp is wired up under the driver side seat. Other than thatand#44; the way you see the car today is the way in which it was born. So now just fire that baby up and let your foot off the clutch and just get ready to get stopped where ever you go and talk to people about this cool carand#44; and give more than your share of thumbs up to people.</p> <p>This is one of those rare finds that you have been looking for now for some time and here she is. One ownerand#44; California car with 45and#44;xxx miles on it. There is no reason that you shouldnt have your phone in your hand already calling to see if it is still available. This is a very special opportunity. We offer classic car financing for those that would like to take advantage of the opportunity. They offer great rates and terms and allow you to pay your baby off when you want to with no prepayment penalties. We look forward to speaking with you soonand#44; and we look forward to making you the newest member of the Just Toys Classic Cars family.<br /> DISCLAIMER:</p> <p>Before you buy any vehicleand#44; sight unseenand#44; it is very important to ask as many questions as possible to make sure you are getting what you expect. The majority of the customers that buy vehicles from us are very happy with their purchases. We recommend that you should inspect cars in person before or have a professional appraisal company of your choice evaluate this vehicle and provide documentation to you at your expense before buying any vehicle from our company. Our description of the vehicle including options and all documentationand#44; provenance have been given to us by the current owner and we make no