1965 Ford Mustang

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Location: Houston, TX
For many more pictures of thiese 1965 Ford Mustang Coupe, please go to forristalls.com.</p><p>If you will go down the listing on my website you will see that I hardly ever deal with Mustang Coupes. There were so many built that normally to find a good one (which is all we deal with) is very hard. Coupes do not command the same prices as Fastbacks or Convertibles, so most Coupe owners do not put much money and time into their cars. This car is the exception to the rule.</p><p></p><p>The paint on this Coupe is extremely nice and it is easy to tell that it was an expensive job. I love the color Acapulco Blue on any Mustangs as it accentuates the extraordinary lines of the car. Under the hood, the door jams and even on the underside of the trunk lid looks MUCH better than almost any paint job you will see.</p><p></p><p>I hope you will also pay attention to the nice detailing in the engine compartment, the door jams, under the hood and in the trunk area. Normally on most Mustangs, the engine compartment looks so bad that you want to shut the hood quickly and NOT look at it again. Not so in this case! Notice that under the hood, trunk and door jams the bolts are not painted over with the same color as the paint on the car. The bolts have been bead blasted to bare metal and shot so they look well cared for. All this attention to detail is what makes a big difference between our cars and most of the Mustangs you see for sale. We like to think that if you take one of our cars to a car show that it may win or make 2nd or 3rd place overall. In class, it should win or place 2nd at the very least.</p><p></p><p>The interior of the car is in excellent condition. The headline is great, the dash pad as no cracks or imperfections. The carpet is excellent. The front and rear seats are like new with the exception of the driversandrsquo; seat down low (where you normally donandrsquo;t notice) has an imperfection. The paint on the steel part of both doors is excellent as is the door panels. I have taken pictures of the gorgeous American racing Mag Wheels so you can see how nice they look. Sometime I think we do too much, but I even had the rear wheel taken off and the rear drums bead blast, primed and repainted. This was done so that when you look at the rear wheels you would see a black back ground that would make the mag stand out more. I have taken pictures of this so you can see how nice this looks. I even noticed these drums are ORIGINAL Ford drums, NOT reproductions. This Mustang has disc brakes on it in the front so you are in good shape there. No need to spend about $1000 to have that job done. Something I forgot! On the interior of the car we added a proper FORD Deluxe Steering Wheel like the one that would have come with a Pony interior. It also has a full complement of Auto Meter gauges which includes water temp, oil pressure, AMPS, gas and round speedometer. Normally the andrsquo;65 Model cars just have the old Falcon Speedo with only gas and water temp. Note oil pressure or amps plus the much nicer round speedo. Please see the nice console in between the seats with cup holders. Another nice addition to this car was over the shoulder seat belts mounted in the front seats. Something else that is really nice on this car is the Pioneer Stereo radio with 4 large speakers. Two Infinity speakers are located in the back package shelf and two Pioneer speakers in the kick panels in the front. It is an AM/FM stereo with CD player. Please notice the optional fog lights on the car which adds a nice touch to it. You will spend over $500 just for the lights and wiring and fog light switches plus than having someone install everything.</p><p></p><p>Now letandrsquo;s talk about the engine. The heads are the nice Edlebrock Aluminum matched up to an Edlebrock High Rise intake with an Edlebrock Carb. It has dual exhaust with those great sounding Flowmaster Mufflers with it appears to be 351 exhaust manifolds which allows the gases to escape much easier. I