1965 Ford Mustang$59,900

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Price: $59,900
Phone: (260) 385-4846
Location: Fort Wayne, IN
Mustang . Tired of looking for a nice 65 Shelby clone and finding nothing but fastbacks with stripes, a GT350 emblem and everything else isnt even close? A lot of research has gone into this car to make it LOOK exactly the way Carroll built them. There are however 2 exceptions: the rear fold down seat was left intact, which in turn does not allow for the override traction bars to be installed. If you purchase this Mustang and would like those changes, I can provide that for an extra cost. Below is the detailed list of what made the 65 Shelby Mustang unique. This car has all of the following (except the rear seat delete and over ride traction bars)------<br><br>ENGINE--<br>Holley 715cfm carburetor,<br>Manual choke (under dash),<br>Open chrome air cleaner,<br>Dual point distributor,<br>4 alternator pulley,<br>Cobra aluminum high rise intake,<br>Cobra valve covers (hollow letters 65),<br>Cobra oil pan (7.5qt),<br>Cyclone Tri-Y headers,<br>Apron brace (monte carlo bar),<br><br>TRANSMISSION --<br>T-10 close ratio 4spd with aluminum case. Some cars has aluminum front cases and steel tail-shafts or vise versa<br>REAR END -- <br>9 inch with Detroit Automotive locking rear end<br>SUSPENSION - <br>Upper front A arms lowered 1,<br>Special lengthened pitman and idler arms,<br>1 front sway bar,<br>Koni adjustable shocks,<br>Stabilizer bar,<br>Override traction bars,<br>Axle limiting cables in rear,<br>1 rear spring spacers<br><br>BRAKES --<br>Kelsey Hayes front discs,<br>Larger rear drums (Fairlane wgn),<br>Larger master cylinder with front brass fitting,<br>Proportioning valve<br>EXTERIOR -- <br>Side striping (LeMans stripes were optional),<br>Fiberglass hood with scoop (some had metal sub frame, others didnt),<br>Hood pins,<br>Chrome bullet side mirrors,<br>15 wheels (either standard silver steelies or optional special designed Cragars),<br>Blue dot tires,<br>Rear GT 350 badge,<br>No fender horse emblems (one was moved to left side of grille)Grille with special center trim <br><br>INTERIOR -- <br>Wood 3 spoke steering wheel with Cobra center (some 15 others 16, some slotted spokes others had holes)<br>Tach/Oil pod both CS gauges tach 8Krpm (first 350 were fiberglass, remainder were plastic),<br>Aircraft 3 seatbelts,<br>Dash mounted toggle switch for horn,<br>No rear seat it was replaced with fiberglass shelf with spare mounted in center,CS sill plate emblems<br>Rear seat lock mechanism delete plate (riveted on, glass or plastic)<br>OTHER -- <br>Side dump exhaust,<br>Windshield washer system deleted,<br>Driveshaft safety loop,<br>Larger oil pressure sending line (early 1/2, later 7/16),<br>Hood latch delete,<br>Trunk mounted batteries: vin #s 001-338, a few under 200 didnt have. All competition (R code) units regardless of number were trunk mounted.Vin plates riveted over the Ford VIN on left apron-----<br>This car has just completed a full nut/bolt restoration and is in like new condition. <br>