1959 Chevrolet Corvette$59,995

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Price: $59,995
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Location: Lithia Springs, GA
Price Analysis: Good Deal, 33.0 % below market avg. What's this?
Chevrolet Corvette fans know that the 1959 Corvettes are special. All the right elements came together that yearand#44; with twin headlights up frontand#44; the contrasting side covesand#44; and the rounded rear styling that just looks right on the early solid axle cars. <br /> <br /> Which brings us to this handsome Roman Red roadsterand#44; which by all accounts is the archetypal early Corvette. Theyre idolized on TVand#44; appear in adsand#44; and generally make everyone yearn for a younger time in their lives. This one was restored about 13 years agoand#44; but what that really means is that its like you: seasoned and experienced. Its a car you can get in and drive anywhere and not fret about someone brushing up against priceless paint. The Roman Red and Snowcrest White combination is classic and still shines up nicelyand#44; with just a bit of patina that works well with the overall vibeand#44; and if you want to take it up a leveland#44; its only a deep cleaning away from being really impressive. Gaps are about what you got from GM in 1959and#44; but nobody will be looking at them anywayand#44; theyll be listening for the rumble of the V8. And the chrome is decent overalland#44; with that shiny grille and just enough body jewelry to remind you that this car was built in the fabulous fifties. If theres a more American car than thisand#44; I cant imagine what it might be.<br /> <br /> The black interior looks fantastic thanks to a quality restoration a few years ago and careful use ever since. The seat covers are reproductions that use the same durable vinyl the originals usedand#44; and with fresh black carpetsand#44; theres no sign of the usual sun bleaching that open cars inevitably experience. The black dash looks very businesslike in its formal wearand#44; and the instruments stand out in bright contrastand#44; particularly the domed speedometer and factory tach right above the steering column (whichand#44; sadlyand#44; isnt working due to the engine swap). Obviously inspired by European sports cars of the periodand#44; the three-spoke steering wheel has a grippy outer covering and the shifter falls easily to hand for a quick shift or just to rest your hand. A modern AM/FM/cassette stereo has been fitted in the dashand#44; but thats just about the only notable deviation from stock and the cars all the better for it. A white top is there for emergencies and youll learn to raise and lower it in an instantand#44; because the Corvette is all about instant fun.<br /> <br /> One thing Corvettes have [almost] always had going for them is a cackling V8 soundtrackand#44; and the snappy 327 under the forward-tilting hood of this 59 certainly delivers. Despite being a 1968 castingand#44; it appears fairly stockand#44; from the Quadrajet carb up top to the stock exhaust manifoldsand#44; but what that really means is that its as reliable as a hammerand#44; so dont be afraid to use it. Its got the right partsand#44; including the chrome air cleaner and valve coversand#44; and it still spins an original generator to make juice. Its backed by a 4-speed manual transmissionand#44; which really is the only way to truly enjoy an open Corvette. A reproduction dual exhaust gives it just the right cackle and holy cow is that chassis clean! It probably hasnt seen rain since the restoration was completed! Flashy Torque Thrust wheels arent necessarily correct but you cant argue with how they lookand#44; especially wrapped in fat 215/75/15 front and 255/75/15 rear blackwall radials.<br /> <br /> If youve been looking for just the right blend of casual style and timeless performanceand#44; perhaps this Corvette is what youve been seeking. Give us a call today!