1954 Chevrolet Corvette$87,995

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Price: $87,995
Contact: View Original Ad from Hemmings
Location: Lithia Springs, GA
1954 Corvettes are wonderful cars to own and driveand#44; and if you like the looks and purity of the 53s but cant afford the six-figure price tagand#44; this nicely preserved 54 is virtually identical for a whole lot less cash. <br /> <br /> Nicely finished in Polo White with a red vinyl interior and a tan canvas topand#44; its a nicely preserved example of what an early Corvette should look like. The body is well done and fits together better than they did originallyand#44; but not too perfectlyand#44; because thats not how the factory did it. Most 54 Corvettes are Polo White like this oneand#44; and it offers a soft gloss that looks very vintage and correct. It has been repaintedand#44; but for the most partand#44; this car presents as a nicely preserved car rather than one that has been fully disassembled and restored from the ground upand#44; and we like that. There are a few areas showing the usual minor checkingand#44; but overalland#44; if you want one to driveand#44; you probably wont do better than this. The chrome and other brightwork is in good orderand#44; from the beautiful baskets over the headlights to the stylish rear bumpers.<br /> <br /> Red vinyl was one of two choices in 1954 (the other being beige vinyl)and#44; but on a white carand#44; it really is the only sensible selection. Contrasting so vividly with the Polo White paintand#44; this Corvettes cockpit is as accurate as it is stylish. From fresh foam under the seat coversand#44; to the beautiful dashboard with matching instrument humps for driver and passengerand#44; it has been nicely refinished. The gauges are all fully functionaland#44; lined up down low with neat chrome bezels. The original AM radio is just above the gauges and theres just nothing like the sound of a vintage tube radioand#44; even though theres not much music to listen to on AM stations anymore. The matching red and white steering wheel has been recast and is so pristine that youre almost afraid to touch it while you drive. To the right of your thigh is the slenderand#44; almost delicate shifter for the 2-speed PowerGlide automatic. Interestinglyand#44; although the PowerGlide transmission was a $178 optionand#44; no Corvettes with manual transmissions were built in 1954.<br /> <br /> In 1954and#44; power still came from Chevrolets reliable and surprisingly lusty 235 cubic inch inline six-cylinder engineand#44; which was renamed the Corvette Special Six in 1954. Equipped with a trio of side-draft carburetors and exhaling through a true dual exhaust systemand#44; it made a reasonably respectable 150 horsepower. The block and head are bathed in the correct blue paintand#44; and theres plenty of evidence of proper service over the years. This car is one of the 20% or so 1954 Corvettes fitted with a chrome valve cover (which was installed on serial numbers 1363 through 4381)and#44; making it somewhat of a rarity among its peers. Forget shiny body-colored floorsand#44; everything is original underneathand#44; and the front suspension is similar to what Chevrolet had been using since the late 1930s. In backand#44; theres a rigid axle on leaf springsand#44; and a 3.55 gear spins inside. Brakes are 11-inch drums all aroundand#44; which provide better than expected performance given the Corvettes light weightand#44; and it rolls on 15-inch steel wheels with full wheel covers and 205/75/15 wide whitewall radials.<br /> <br /> Although 1954 production was greater than both 1953 and 1955and#44; at 3634 unitsand#44; they are still very rare cars. They are also fun cars to drive and beautiful machines to look atand#44; no matter what the rest of the hobby has to say about their place in history. Thats surely worth something too. Call now!