1954 Chevrolet Corvette$94,995

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Price: $94,995
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Location: Concord, NC
Price Analysis: Fair Deal, 7.0 % above market avg. What's this?
The 1954 Chevrolet Corvette is often the ideal collector car for most early enthusiasts. With a nearly identical appearance to the original 53sand#44; but offering more choicesand#44; and today has a much more obtainable price. This meticulously restored and numbers-matching example captures all of the 54s history perfectly in a driving experience like no other.<br /> <br><br> When the black body looks this goodand#44; you know there was serious time and money invested into creating the ideal first-generation Corvette. This is a rare model with only 3and#44;640 examples builtand#44; and plenty didnt survive the last 60+ years. You can count on one hand how many were painted black. We dont believe this was the original factory color (or else youd be taking out a second mortgage to purchase it.) Insteadand#44; this is a shining example (literally) of what 1954 represented perfectly – the birth of the Corvette and long list of choices that the car offersand#44; considering 53 only came in white. Alsoand#44; these early cars were far from perfect when they left the factory. So addressing the body not only made for an amazing canvas for the paintand#44; but now the doors shut with authorityand#44; the toothy grille has a mirror shineand#44; and the wraparound trim has that precision-straight line that you know the factory wanted to do all those years ago. Youll love how even the details are correct on this oneand#44; from the mesh headlight covers to the artful hubcaps with the turbine slots painted red to match the wheels. The overall package is a shining example that was carefully re-crafted to make a scene wherever it goes.<br /> <br><br> The Corvette was the American interpretation of the best that came from Europeand#44; and the interior is a great reminder of this heritage. The red leather buckets seats look like they could almost have come from a Jaguar XK. But the body-colored waterfall in-between that gives it a seamless interior/exterior appearance is pure American style. This also did a fantastic job of hiding the manual convertible top. The dual cowl dash is a Corvette hallmarkand#44; and you see the infancy of it here. Auxiliary gauges were arrayed in the center of the dashand#44; adding to the pleasing symmetry of the design. The extra space of the interior was a great reminder of how the Corvette held an advantage over its European counterparts. Plusand#44; with a real trunkand#44; this rare classic is actually practical for grand touring weekends.<br /> <br><br> More investment in the restoration is evident the moment you open the hood. Thats the originaland#44; numbers matchingand#44; Blue Flame six sitting in the engine bay. It looks fantastic with all the brightwork looking it s best against the bold blue block. The addition of triple side-draft carburetors this year raised the horsepower to 150. This is all part of the great original Corvette history. It was built to be part of the sprightly European crowdand#44; and thats why the Chevrolet developed the lightweight fiberglass body. The total package gives these early C1s a different feeling on the road than all the rest of the Corvettes. Backed by a PowerGlide automatic transmissionand#44; its easy to drive and has a low-slungand#44; nimble feel that is entirely appropriate. You can see more evidence of the restoration investment in the pristine undercarriage photos. These even show how the split-manifold dual exhaust snakes its way to exit out of the rear bumper. <br /> <br><br> Complete with a photo book documenting the restorationand#44; you can really understand what a top-quality presentation this early C1 Corvette has. It is for the enthusiast who loves to driveand#44; showand#44; investand#44; or all three. This 54 is waiting for a true connoisseurand#44; but it wont wait for long. Call now!!