1949 Pontiac Other$8,998

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Price: $8,998
Phone: 866-424-4536
Location: San Diego, CA
1949 Pontiac Coupe hotrod Ok, about 9k invested, this thing has been a fun project,,lol but the hards parts are done and I should have it ready for a new home this weekend,,, I am having a set of headers made then I can put them on and fire up the engine and put it in time and WOALA..here is what has been done, I have reicepts for most of it. 1. New COMPLETE rebuilt SBC,competiton cam, crank and all,,nothing old on the engine all new chrome parts and altenator, starter and harmonic balancer,, you name it,,ITS NEW, 2. Rebuilt 350 turbo transmission. 3. Complete new floors all the way through it( PROFESSIONALLY DONE) 4. racing fuel cell 5. very nice Hurst shifter ( Automatic) 6. new brakes,,and suspension front to back...sir shocks and all 7.) rear end from a 79 camaro , front end from a 30s model chevy truck 8. new tires ( Wide) with 400.00 billet spacers) 9. ALL NEW WIRING,key switch,,everything..I also have light bar etc for rear and new turn signal switch...( just put on) Walnut hand crafted dash mods. 10.New driveshaft and yoke 11.New switched , brakelight switch installed,,new brake lever and gas pedal,,, Near all new really,,,its going to be a head turner for sure, I am still working on it and will daily ,,, I have reciepts for over 9k,,