1949 Oldsmobile Other$14,000

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Price: $14,000
Phone: 866-424-4536
Location: San Diego, CA
1949 Oldsmobile Slantback What is there to say about this beauty? Its a great little car with that classic post-WW2 feel. The color you ask? Its painted Sherbert Orange, but called the Dreamsicle. This car was test driven 75 miles with no problems. It has started every single time! The only problem you will have is all the people staring at you because its that awesome of a car...and thats not even a problem really! Now, let me get you into the specs! The Specs: 1) Has a custom body, and its in great shape for the period it was done in. 2) Running a 350 engine along with a 350 transmission. 3) The inside is in great shape, however, you will need to get a headliner. 4) Nice tires and wheels.