1949 Hudson Commodore$9,995

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Price: $9,995
Email: mdsutherland@dustyoldcars.com
Phone: 603-818-8511
Location: Derry, NH
This 1949 Hudson Commodorehas the unmistakable styling of these cars and all of the cues and thumbs up that come with them. This car simply feels right and floats down the road. Its back seat is so large and comfortable you feel like you are sitting on a really comfy couch and yet somehow you are in a car! The front seat, dash, chrome, trim, and all of the other items that you see and feel make it seem like you are in a movie, driving these cars is this type of experience. Think car love. This Hudson is not perfect, but one of the finest examples we have seen. The paint is great, the interior is superb, the chrome is decent, the engine purrs, itshifts nicely, the body is in really good shape. You can drive her as a daily if you want or drive her on the weekend to a show with friends, you will be the talk of the town. The mechanicals on this car are very good and the moment it came to our shop everyone wanted to take her for a spin, our Operations Manger was first andwe took a nice ride around town. Shestarts right up and idles nicely, easethe shifter to put it into gear and off you go down the road. The transmissionshifts nicely and the brakes work well. Overall the major systems function as they should. The interior on this car is invery good to excellent condition.The seats arecomfortable to sit in and in very good condition, like a comfy couch.The carpet is decent,the dash has nocracks, andthe steering wheel and overall dash chrome is excellent.Theheadliner, and touchable items are all ingood condition and feel good. The body on this car is in overallvery goodcondition.The frame, the pans, the trunk, are all invery good condition.The inner rockers do need some work, but these are easily repaired.Overall this car is in very good shape, with only the minornicks that come with time.The paint is good,if you wantperfect do a repaint someday,but totally passable an an enjoyable driver.There are some bubbles that come with time, but no rot, rust or issues. Paintcan wait10 years,just drive it and enjoy it. Bid, Buy, Enjoy! Drive it! If you want to know the reserve or ‘Buy it now’ please CALL US at (603) 818-8511. For more information please ask for Alexor Marshall. After business hours the line is always forwarded to one of our personal phones. CALL US (603) 818-8511 If you would like to see the car in person, please call 24 hours in advance to schedule an appointment. (603) 818-8511 We can email and Skype too! Our Skype is DustyOldCars2012; for email please contact mdsutherland@dustyoldcars.com. Thanks! International Bidders from ANY country are welcome to bid and make offers. *** THIS CAR IS LOCATED IN DERRY, NEW HAMPSHIRE *** We are happy to pick you up at the Manchester, NH or Boston, MA Airport or any other Bus or anywhere else.