1948 Packard Other$13,000

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Price: $13,000
Contact: View Original Ad from Hemmings
Location: Woodhaven, MI
1948 Packard 2265 Deluxe Eight Club Sedan (two door)</p><p>This has been a project with my father, but it is now time to move on. I do not know a whole lot of history about the car, but I will give the whole rundown of what I do know. In the early 2000s, the owner at that time began a restoration on the car. He had all body work completed, an excellent paint job sprayed on and had ALL chrome replated. However, he did not complete the restoration. The car sat in his climate controlled barn for several years, all parts in highly organized and labled boxes, so nothing got lost or confused. Fast forwarding to October 2009, he sold the car to a friend of my dads and mine. He in turn, did <em>nothing </em>to the Packard. It then sat in HIS barn until October of 2015 when my dad and I got ahold of it and began breathing life back into it! We immediately jumped in head first into getting it running. After an oil change, fresh spark plugs, a well charged battery and after freeing up a stuck valve (intake valve on cylinder 4 was stuck open) this old Packard fired up for the first time in nearly a decade and ran great, after a few adjustments. It has a brand new Car Quest 6 volt battery and the carburetor was rebuilt. After getting it running, came brakes. Upon inspection of drums and shoes, they were like new still so we let them be. We proceeded to rebuild all 4 wheel cylinders and the master cylinder. All wiring in the car from bumper-to-bumper was inspected and repaired as needed. My father is an automotive electrical engineer, so repairing the wiring on the car was second nature to him. All frayed/damaged ends were replaced with updated, more reliable modern wiring connectors, and all re-wrapped in black vinyl harness wrap for a nice, clean look. The gas tank was pulled out, and we took it to Rays Radiator Clinic in Warren, Michigan to have Gas Tank Renu completed on the tank. We also installed a rebuilt sending unit from Max Merritt Packard Parts. All windows on the car are new, from Bobs Classic Auto Glass in Eugune, Oregon. However, I must be honest: the rear window for the car is made of Plexiglas. The car had NO windows when I got it, and it is next to impossible to find an original rear window for a two door, so we had to take an alternate route. However, it looks like real glass. Visually, nobody can know the difference. The car came with boxes full of products from Steele Rubber Products. Everything for the car was there - ready for us to install. Moving on to the interior, it is all new except for the door panels. They were in great condition, just needed a light cleaning. All window frames and dash board were painted ivory when I got the car. I made the kick panels under the dash myself, and also rebuilt the rear side panels. I used the existing material and padding, but had to make new backings. The carpeting was ordered from Kanter Auto Products in Boonton, New Jersey. The headliner was purchased though Headliner Mart in Keller, Texas and it was installed by Petes Upholstery in Taylor, Michigan. Petes also reupholstered the front and rear seats. All guages work, as well. However, with like most old cars, the clock and radio do not. All 4 cables/knobs under the dash were freed up and work properly. All lights and dash switches work as they should. I have a box full of spare parts (including a second radio) that go with the car. Also, I have a full service manual, and original 22nd Series parts list book to go with it. Buyer also will get a few Kanter Auto Products catalogs as well. I have several before photos of the car, available upon request.</p><p>If you have any other questions about the car, you can reach me either by phone OR e-mail.<br />Thank-You!!<br />