1948 Lincoln Other$29,900

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Price: $29,900
Contact: View Original Ad from Hemmings
Location: Orange Village, OH
With the death of the Zephyr in 1942, all non-Continentals became simply Lincolns. Underneath, however, this convertible is the same as the Continental, but given that Ive never seen another one like this, Im guessing theyre quite a bit more unusual. This one has a nice older restoration thats in very good condition today. The front end is familiar to anyone whos seen a post-war Continental, but I personally really like the sloping rear deck compared to the bustle-back look of the Continental, and the quarter windows give it a much more graceful profile, dont you think? Maroon paint is always the right choice on cars of this vintage, if not particularly adventurous, but the finish remains shiny with only a few blemishes that are age-related and not really damage. The chrome is in good condition, particularly the grille, which, on these cars, can cost a fortune to restore, and the two-tier bumpers are straight and clean. And just between you and me, I much prefer having real door handles on the outside of my car rather than push-buttons.</p><p>The interior is handsome black leather thats in better shape than the photos would indicate--black is really hard to photograph properly. There are a few creases, but it is supple and comfortable with firm underpinnings that make it a great tour candidate. Matching black carpets are neatly bound and the door panels are really slick-looking with dramatic curves on the arm rest and a neat map pocket underneath. All the gauges are functional save for the clock (and radio, sadly), and the power windows and top work like they should. Its equipped with a heater/defroster unit and that O knob on the lower half of the dash is for the fully operational overdrive. Even the steering wheel is in great shape, although its not the cool red transparent plastic you find in the Continentals--I suppose they had to cut back somewhere. The trunk is much, much larger than the Continentals, again making this a great choice for touring.</p><p>The engine is the same 292 cubic inch V12 that was used throughout the Lincoln lineup. Fully rebuilt at the time of restoration, it runs extremely well and exhibits none of the temperamental behavior that used to give these engines a bad reputation (which was undeserved, in my opinion). Its no longer detailed for show, but it wears correct green engine enamel, an oil bath air cleaner, and a generator up top. It starts easily and idles almost silently, and even though its a little smaller than some of its competitors, its incomparably smooth. Get it rolling and it whispers along at highway speeds thanks to the overdrive. The undercarriage is both over-detailed (painted to match the body) and under-detailed (a bit grungy from being driven) but everything is in place and it all works like it should. Its also got a new exhaust system and good wide whites on the original wheels.</p><p>Handsome and unusual, this will become a favorite if you like to drive.</p><p>For more information and photos, please visit <a href=\