1941 Cadillac Fleetwood$22,000

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Price: $22,000
Phone: 814-779-2902
Location: Russell, PA
Price Analysis: Good Deal, 44.0 % below market avg. What's this?
Up for sale is a beautiful 1941 series 75 Cadillac fleetwood limousine. This model had seating for 5 passengers instead of the normal 7 to allow more space, comfort, and luxury for the riders.This car was the top of the line cadillac in its day. Only 757 of these cars were ever built! This car was not built to drive, it was built to be driven in. This car is not in driving condition... yet. With some easy restoration this could be anyone classic car lovers dream. The car come with 5 White Wall Bias Ply tires, even the spare! The front upholstery is not in good condition and would have to be completely restored, but the rear just needs some cleaning and it would be looking just as beautiful as it was in 1941. Paint is still in amazing shape for being almost 100 years old. There are about a dozen small rust spots and some rusting around the doors, but could be fixed with just a bit of touch-up. All dials in the front dash are original and still show odometer reading, speed, gasoline amount, etc... AM radio is original, and would probably work with a new battery and a bit of new wiring. The engine in the car is the original 8 cylinder 1941 engine and still contains all parts. There is quite a bit of rust in the engine compartment, but as would be expected of a 76 year old vehicle. With some mechanical tinkering and some cleaning, this engine could be running like new! All exterior chrome and trim is original and in good condition; most trim was taken off the car when the car was put into storage. All trim pieces would come with the car and very easily put back on the car with some new screws. Original hubcaps, rear and front lights, and hood ornament come with the car as well. There is a somewhat large dent on the back trunk of the car. The dent is purely superficial, and the truck components work perfectly well. The dent looks like it could be inverted back to looking well and then the paint touched up, if professionally done. Overall this is a very nice looking car which was well kept and would be perfect for someone looking to restore a beautiful car. Price is flexible, please contact with any questions or for more pictures.