1939 Buick Special$90,000

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Price: $90,000
Phone: Randy (612) 619-2252
Location: Big Fork, MN
Buick Special C Model 46C . The meticulous build of this red and tan Buick convertible street rod is stunning.It is also a comfortable high tech car with lots of power.Under the hood is a 1965 Buick Nailhead 425 cubic inch, Rebuilt stock with 340 HP and 10.25 Compression Ratio.The tan interior is fully customized.BODY MODIFICATIONS:Fenders-Steel rod welded to inner front fender lip and contoured.Lizard skin sprayed to underside of fenders then painted. Hood-Paint removed from stainless trim.Trim attached with bolts and nuts.Hood braces relocated and redesigned to hold hood open without fear of wind damage.Stress points repaired and strengthened.Hood locks now have return springs.Underside of hood notched to allow use of larger radiator. Quarter Panel- Rear quarter panel molded and reshaped into the rear fenders which were widened 2 � inches on each side to accommodate larger rear tires. Trunk Lid- Paint removed from all chrome.Light in middle of trunk lid now operates as a tail light, third brake light and turn signal.ENGINE MODIFICATIONS: Intake manifold change-Offenhouse 3 carb replaced original 1-4 BBL manifold. Carburetor change-3 Rochester 2 BBL carbs replace origin 4 BBL carb. Exhaust System Improvements-Sanderson headers added and custom 3 stainless dual exhaust with Flowmaster 40 mufflers. CHASSIS MODIFICATIONS:Modifications of Stock Front Suspension-A Fatman Front Suspension was installed to replace the original suspension.It included optional coil over shock absorbers and chrome A-arms. Rear Suspension Modifications-Torque Tube and 2 piece drive shaft and rear axle were removed.Brackets were fabricated and the trailing arms modified and relocated to attach to the new adjustable brackets.INTERIOR MODIFICATIONS:Installation of a Different Instrument panel-The original panel was glass enclosed.Part of it was retained, but highly modified to accept the classic instruments.Installation of Different Front Seats-The original bench seat was replaced with individual power bucket seats with internal lap and shoulder seat belts from a Chrysler Sebring Convertible.They have been custom re-upholstered. Installation of Different Rear Seat-A custom rear seat with seat belts was made to fit the back.Carpet Changes-Custom carpet installed throughout car. Installation of Center Console-A custom console was installed with stereo, electric ports, cup holder tray, and O2 meters. Installation of Additional Interior Lighting-Door activated under dash light on each side were installed. A full list of the customizations is available upon request.