1937 Chrysler Other$27,000

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Price: $27,000
Contact: View Original Ad from Hemmings
Location: West Hartford, CT
The owner of this automobile (who does not use the internet) has asked me to place this ad and handle inquiries for him. I have become very familiar with this automobile because I have a personal connection to it. My family has been in the automobile business in Central Connecticut since 1920 and my familys automotive history is of great interest to me. During the 1930s my grandfather and each of two great uncles owned new car dealerships in New Britain, Ct. and during the years before WWII collectively sold Chrysler, Plymouth, Hudson, Essex, White Motor Cars, Packard, Pierce Arrow, Reo, Willys, Dodge and Terraplane. For years, at local car shows I would ask owners of the above car brands from this era if they knew the name and location of the dealership that sold their car when it was new, hoping to find a car that originated from one of my family memberandrsquo;s dealerships. I must say that if I ever found a car sold new that many years ago by my grandfather or great uncles, I would expect that at very best, it would be a restored car. In June of 2013 at an auto concours event, I finally did come upon a car that was sold new by my great uncle Edward Honeymans Chrysler-Plymouth dealershipandhellip;New Britain Motorcar Co.. And that brings us to the car advertised here.</p><p>To my complete amazement, the car I came upon, this 1937 Chrysler Royal is totally original with 10,700 original miles!!! It may seem unusual that I would be involved in the sale, but after first finding this car 3 years ago, I have become friends with the 80+ year old gentleman who is the second and current owner of this 37 Chrysler Royal. As the proprietor of an automobile service and towing business for many years just down the street from where the original owner resided, he serviced this car in the 60s and into the 70s and when the original owner passed away in 1972 he bought the car from his family. Still in the auto service business to this day, the second owner has kept this car inside at his service garage, but during the winter months it was moved to his home garage or, for a number of years, was displayed on the showroom floor during Christmas season in the 1990s at Tufano Motors, the local Chrysler-Plymouth dealer. It has also been displayed at a number of antique car shows over the years by the current owner. It has won a number of awards at events for its extraordinary original condition (photos are included showing the current owner with the car and trophies and show display signage back in the 70andrsquo;s as well as today.) Even though the car has only traveled 3000 miles in the last 60+ years (see photos of repair records), it has not gone for long periods of time without being started or moved. That being said, the original owner, living on a bus line, put it up on blocks every winter and used public transportation. This accounts for the extremely clean under-carraige (see photos). As the story goes, the original owner was known to take his wife shopping in town and if it looked like it might rain, he would immediately drive home to put the car in the garage and leave his wife in the store to fend for herself to get home.</p><p>This auto comes with a number of original documents including the original owners manual and other printed material presented to a first owner on delivery (owners identification card, owners service policy-see photo). There is even an In-Transit document showing delivery to the area Chrysler Distributor in Hartford, Ct. It was not uncommon up until the early 50s that larger city dealers could appoint dealers in smaller cities and towns (with factory approval) and also be their source of new vehicle inventory. Original repair orders showing the vehicle service history from day one also come with the car (see photo). The second owner being in the service business himself and putting less than 2000 miles on the car over the last 44 years did change fluids and properly maintain the car but since he did it for