1936 Oldsmobile Other$17,995

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Price: $17,995
Contact: View Original Ad from Hemmings
Location: Fort Worth, TX
Affordable antique cars are definitely out thereand#44; and its hard to go wrong with a mid-30s General Motors product. Since Day Oneand#44; Oldsmobiles were some of the most modern cars on the roadand#44; featuring reliable and smooth inline-six enginesand#44; new hydraulic brakesand#44; and streamlined styling that made even the bread-and-butter cars like this 1936 Oldsmobile F36 2-door sedan look upscale.<br /> <br /> Restored some years agoand#44; this is an excellent entry-level hobby car. If hot rods arent your thing and you appreciate the style and feel of days gone byand#44; you just cant go wrong here. The body is straight and completely unmodifiedand#44; so its good news that everything here is in excellent condition. The single-tone blue bodywork is a traditional look that may not be entirely correctand#44; but for 99% of the populationand#44; it just wont matter; this is just a cool old car that looks great as it cruises down the road. Theres a receipt with the car for the paint joband#44; and it wasnt exactly cheapand#44; and while theres some evidence of time and useand#44; you need to get close to see any of it. Rubber on the running boards is correctand#44; although these mats arent quite the right stuffand#44; but againand#44; nobody is really going to notice or care. The chrome shows welland#44; the deco grille is extremely straightand#44; and its full of those slick details like a cowl ventand#44; big vent windowsand#44; and a single bullet-style taillight that make cars of this period so much fun to own.<br /> <br /> The interior wears striped fabric that closely resembles the original style and materials. The Oldsmobile F36 was the upscale offeringand#44; and while the 4-door was their volume sellerand#44; that doesnt mean they were cutting corners with the 2-doors. The button-tufted upholstery offers authentic-looking vertical stripes with matching door panels and contrasting piping and wind lace. All the gauges appear to be originaland#44; with an Art Deco look that perfectly captures the eraand#44; along with a big banjo steering wheel that gives you a commanding feel on the road. Radios were still an expensive and rare option in 1936and#44; so this car goes withoutand#44; and since it comes from a warm climateand#44; there was no need for a heaterand#44; which was also optional. And with a large back seat and a good-sized trunkand#44; this is the most practical old car you can own; guys in roadsters will envy you the moment the sun goes behind a cloud.<br /> <br /> Power comes from Oldsmobiles rugged 213 cubic inch inline-sixand#44; which despite its flathead configurationand#44; makes plenty of power and feels lively out on the road. Unlike the Chevy Stoveboltand#44; the Olds featured full pressure lubricationand#44; an external fuel pumpand#44; and a smooth demeanor that was the envy of even more expensive machinery. The engine bay was clearly restored with the rest of the carand#44; but it runs superbly and againand#44; this is how you want your tour car to look so you dont have to worry. Corporate green paint on the blockand#44; new plug wiresand#44; and a correct downdraft carburetor and oil bath air cleaner ensure that it runs like it should. The original 3-speed manual shifts easily thanks to standard synchromeshand#44; and it cruises pretty happily at 55 MPH. And as I mentionedand#44; Oldsmobile offered hydraulic brakes for the first time in 1936and#44; so handling and braking are surprisingly modern compared toand#44; sayand#44; a 1936 Ford. 6.50R16 wide whitewall tires have been fitted to matching steel wheels with original chrome hubcaps.<br /> <br /> A great starter hobby carand#44; this Olds offers sophisticated road mannersand#44; reliabilityand#44; and great parts availabilityand#44; all wrapped in a handsome 2-door body. Call today!