1935 Packard Other$134,900

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Price: $134,900
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Location: Bedford Heights, OH
Ask the Man Who Owns One. For most of Packardandrsquo;s 58-year life, the slogan was an integral part of the companyandrsquo;s existence. No mere cocky catchphrase; it was simply the automakerandrsquo;s best advice to its customers. Packard buyers were almost religiously faithful to what they drove, as they appreciated the companyandrsquo;s unique combination of slow-but-steady refinement, high-quality conservative engineering, and unparalleled standards of craftsmanship and construction. If one needed to know why he or she should buy a Packard, all they had to do was ask someone who already had one.<br /><br />The companyandrsquo;s 1935 line offered something for every taste. Most prominently offered was a wide range of eight-cylinder models, from the new, medium-priced One Twenty to the vast and luxurious Super Eight. In between was the so-called standard Eight, which boasted a nearly identical range of both styles to its larger sibling, but it came on a slightly shorter wheelbase and with a 130-horsepower, 320-cubic inch engine. As the Eight and Super Eight were nearly indistinguishable to the casual observer, it is a surprise that the Eight outsold the Super Eight by a factor of three to one.<br /><br />This Eight Convertible Victoria Model 1201 being offered is a very well preserved older restoration on a rust free chassis. The car shows well having a beautiful interior with no blemishes. The chrome is excellent and all the gauges, except the gas gauge, work.</p><p>This 1935 Packard is ready for showing at a CCCA Grand Classic or any tour or CCCA Caravan.