1935 Packard Other$199,000

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Price: $199,000
Contact: View Original Ad from Hemmings
Location: Auburn, IN
VIN # 827 218</p><p>Body # 827 8123</p><p>Engine # 903620</p><p></p><p>Many consider the 1935 to 1939 Twelves to be the finest automobiles ever produced by the Packard Motor Car Company. Certainly it is true that they represented the end of an era; never again would Packard offer the exceptional quality of a handbuilt senior car.</p><p>For 1935 Packard introduced many changes which have made these cars among the most highly prized collector cars today. More horsepower and major improvements in suspension and steering made the andlsquo;35 much easier and more comfortable to drive. All new bodies, introduced for the andlsquo;35 model year, offered true envelope styling. For the first time the car was designed as a whole, with body, hood , fenders, and running boards integrated into a smoothly executed design which has for years been regarded as one of the most attractive bodies of the era.</p><p>The example offered here is a two owner car since new. Sold new in California and owned by the original owner until the late 1950s, at which point it was acquired by the second, and most recent owner. For about 40 years, once every year he took the car out, drove it for an hour or so, then returned it to his garage, put it up on blocks, drained the fluids, and removed the battery. Eventually, however, ill health prevented him from continuing this process and the car settled into a slumber in a storage building on the farm, and I acquired the car from his estate, making me the third owner.</p><p>Runs and drives well; shiny paint and newer interior. It is in good mechanical condition, and has successfully completed several short driving tours around the town where it is now kept </p><p>The car has shiny paint and decent interior, and would make a very good CARavan car. The car has a great look with extremely rare steel tonneau extension that is shaped to match the body, and is covered by a second tonneau cover (An original can still be fitted, although one was not with the car when I bought it). This tonneau extension gives the car the look of a very long wheelbase convertible coupe.</p><p>The top requires replacement. Depending on the timing of its sale, a slot has been booked in a trim shop to have this done. The steering and brakes work fine. Mechanically, any issues identified have been taken care of. </p><p>Although tan tops were by far the most common at the time, others were fitted by request, and the plan is to install a new black Stayfast top with a tan headliner. trimmed in black leather. The interior would not need to be changed, and two new tonneau covers would be made, one normal length and one to fit the tonneau extension.</p><p>While there is no limit to the amount of cosmetic work that could be done, in my opinion, the following improvements would make the most difference short of a full body off, nut and bolt restoration. The engine bay should be detailed, with each component removed, repainted or replated as new, and items like hose clamps, hardware, and fittings being replaced. The other item to attend to would be a re-woodgraining of the dash and steering wheel, including cleaning and restoration of the instruments, and replating of the starter button, lighter, and other dash pieces. </p><p>Of course, you could also carry out a comprehensive high point restoration. When done to that standard, these cars have been selling in the $600K - $700K range, depending on quality, colors, and appearance.</p><p>The car has excellent provenance with original data tag, original Dietrich body tag, and correct engine, chassis, and axle numbers. $199K. Trade considered. Mike Fairbairn (personal car).