1933 Hudson Essex$29,900

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Price: $29,900
Phone: 800-957-5707
Location: St. Louis, MO
The Hudson automobile was named after the Detroit department store magnate who was also its financial backer. Hudsons other car, the Essex was named after an English town. This British-sounding name was given to Hudsons lower priced vehicle to make it sound more appealing and upscale. By 1929, Hudson had produced and sold over 300,000 Hudson and Essex automobiles and was third in overall vehicle sales. A new Essex model, called the Essex Terraplane was introduced in 1932. By 1933, the Essex Terraplane was offered in four different models: a standard and deluxe six cylinder as well as a standard and deluxe eight cylinder. The eight cylinder models were labeled KT and were offered in fourteen different body styels. The deluxe, four-door sedan shown here was one of the most expensive offerings with a base price of 745.00. All of the Series KT Eight Essex Terraplanes were built on the 113 wheelbase chassis and were powered by Hudsons inline, eight-cylinder, 243.9 cubic inch engine which produced approximately 94 horsepower. This 1933 Essex Terraplane KT Eight Deluxe Four Door Sedan was one of the most popular and versatile body styles produced. While production and survival numbers are not exactly known, it is estimated that fewer than 30 examples of this body style remain in existence today This attractive 1933 KT Deluxe Four Door Sedan is an older, cosmetic restoration of an excellent original vehicle. The mileage indicated is just under 42,000, and, based upon a close inspection, this appears to be original. The body appears to be in very solid condition. It does not appear that the body has been removed from the frame. The wood inner structure appears quite sound and the metal body panels not show signs of damage or repair. All four doors and the hood fit the body with even gaps and margins throughout. The car was likely repainted about twenty or thirty years ago. The exterior dark burgundy and black body finish is in very good overall condition and shows only the expected signs of wear from being used and enjoyed. The paint has a consistent, overall gloss and really has a great look to it. The fenders show no signs of damage or repair. The fenders fit the body and frame with proper alignment. Like the body, the black fender paint shows only the expected signs of wear and is generally in good condition. The brown, mohair interior is certainly original and remains in very clean condition. It shows the expected signs wear from being nearly 85 years old but is really well preserved and has a great look. The seats, door panels, and headliner are solid, presentable and certainly very clean and usable. The wood dashboard is equipped with all of its correct, art-deco inspired gauges. The dashboard itself retains its original varnish which has become worn and mellowed over the years and now has a charming, vintage appearance. All of the gauges are clear with clean faces. The car retains its original steering wheel which has some minor cracking and other controls which are in good, original condition. The chrome plating on the accessory and trim items remains in good overall condition. The vehicle is complete with all of its proper headlamps, horns, fender lights, bumpers, dual rear tail lamps, hubcaps, emblems, door handles, mascot, etc. The car is fitted dual, side mounted spare tires with the optional, full metal spare tire covers and an accessory rear mounted luggage rack and trunk assembly. This car is also fitted with a neat, original, 1950s vintage, Allstate turn indicator assembly. The chassis is mostly original and well preserved. It shows no signs of damage, excessive wear, or repair.The engine and firewall are mostly original The engine is equipped with its original carburetor and ignition system. The engine has not been detailed or cosmetically restored but is in good original condition. The drivers door glass does have a crack but operates fine. Also the two front doors have a couple of small holes in them from probably a