1931 Pontiac Other$17,995

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Price: $17,995
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Location: Orlando, FL
Just Toys Classic Cars is proud to present this very rare 1931 Pontiac Sedan. The early 30s was a very interesting time. Everyone around the world is still recovering from the 1929 stock market crashand#44; but people were still buying cars. By this point you saw a ton of Fordsand#44; Chevroletsand#44; and the Dodge brothers were in there as well. Yetand#44; you did not see as many Pontiacsand#44; and this car is still very hard to find to this day. This particular example was restored about 25 years ago. For the age of the car and the restorationand#44; the car presents very well. Yetand#44; with older restorations such as this oneand#44; the car as you will see in the pics is starting to show a little patina. The paint presents itself very welland#44; but there are some nicks and chips here and there. So we want to be very clear as you look at this rare piece that it did not just come out of the body shop yesterday. Personallyand#44; we would drive this car just like it isand#44; but if you did decide to repaint itand#44; the car would only go up in its value.</p> <p>Soand#44; lets walk around to the driver side door and open her up. You are going to find a very well done interior that has stood the test of time. Its not done in the original mohairand#44; but the cloth interior presents itself very well. As you see in the picsand#44; the dash is painted like the car and presents itself very welland#44; as do the original gauges in the car. You will not find any rips or tears in the seats or the headliner. This interior truly is in great shape. You have to remember that this is the 30s so there were not a lot of fancy frills in these cars. Just the basics to get you down the road. So now that you are good and comfortableand#44; lets get this baby purring down the road.</p> <p>Under the hood of this classic sits a 200 Cu In straight 6 cylinder engine. These were mated to 3 speed manual transmissionsand#44; and all of this went out to a 4.55 rear end. Yesand#44; those are gear ratios that you hear in drag racing cars todayand#44; but back then it got these little motors scooting down the road quite efficiently. Nowand#44; you just cant wait to hear this baby purrand#44; but there is a process to starting these cars. You dont just turn the key and thats it. Once you turn the keyand#44; look down on the floor to the right of the brake pedal and the gas button and you are going to see another button that you push on and that ladies and gentleman is your starter. Give the gas a couple of pumpsand#44; pull the choke for a second if you have to and press that starter button with your right foot and listen to this Pontiac come to life. The ear to ear grin you get on your face from this car is not from horsepowerand#44; but from the sheer fun of driving an 85 year old car down the road. So step on the clutch and move the shifter over and down to the left for first and get ready to have a ton of fun. You are going to get a ton of thumbs up from people just because of how cool this car is and a lot of people have probably never seen one. Get ready to speak with a lot of people at stop lights and gas stations about this car.</p> <p>The drum brakes work like they should on this carand#44; and one thing that you will see in the pics that is not original equipmentand#44; but a nice upgrade is a steering stabilizer shock. This is very helpful so you dont have to saw on the wheel to keep it in the laneand#44; and its not like this is power steering on your new car so you dont need to build up your popeye forearms to turn it either. This is a nice addition. The clutch is right and tight and doesnt slip a bit. This is just an all around good car that you can make a ton of memories in with your family and friends.</p> <p>We offer classic car financing for those that would like to take advantage of the option. They offer great rates and terms with as little as 10% down and no prepayment penalties. This gives you the ability to get the car of your