1931 Chevrolet Other$2,000

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Name: Jerry
Price: $2,000
Email: quaffing@yahoo.com
Location: Shingle Springs, CA
Historically---This flatbed has the Independence style cab of 1931. This was a 1.5 ton series LT Utility Truck with a 131 inch wheelbase, and single rear wheels. The LT chassis were 2560 lbs, and the cab was 335 lbs. The max weight was 7,300 lbs. The 6 cylinder engines produced 50 B.H.P. @ 2,600 R.P.M. The Gearboxes were 4-speed. End of year model M was updated somewhat from this. Now to the Description of this Specific Vehicle---This antique restoration 1931 truck has the three back rims, (one was extra for spare tire), rear disc break components, and one rear tire. Its Six cylinder engine looks complete with coil, distributer cap, distributer, starter, fuel filter, and carberator. There is no carb filter housing. Manual transmission. Front lite support and bumper support present, not front lites or bumper. Radiator is missing the Chevy logo and its radiator cap. The cab has a one-piece steel roof, both doors and all sides in fair shape. Has wood base for spring seats. All outside and inside door knobs, and window handles, are present. Driver window has some roll down action and window glass. Steering wheel horn is missing. Dashboard has 2 gages - oil and gas. Missing its ignition, and 2 gages- amps-water, and milage. Much of the cab wood is intact, and the rear view mirror, and long driver side mirror are present. Gas tank and battery are missing. The Trailer bed is 8 foot 2 Long, by 6'8 wide. Metal trailer support beams are strong, and all metal strapes present to attach wood to bed. This trailor takes 10 wood boards 8 wide by 8 feet long for bed. Can use trailor as a flatbed, or stick, as wanted. These longer wheelbase trucks are great for road rat or hot rod rebuilds, classic rebuilds, then shows, parades, hay rides, and large scale advertising.