1929 Chevrolet Other$18,995

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Price: $18,995
Phone: 231-468-2809
Location: Contact For Location, MI
1929 Chevrolet AC International Coupe. As a Ford owner I find it odd that I have recently acquired an all original 1929 Chevrolet Coupe complete with an open air Rumble seat in the rear. Instead of having a four cylinder engine found in most other cars of that day, the 29 Chevy had a Stove Bolt straight-six that was advertised as a SIX for the price of a four. When Ford shut down production of the Model T in 1927, for the first time in history Chevy briefly outsold Ford. In 1929 this cars stylish looks and bigger engine outsold Fords new A Model head to head and helped Chevy overtake Fords massive lead as the top selling vehicle in 1929. The lead changed back and forth for awhile but Chevy eventually held on to the top spot and it was not until the mid eighties that Ford re-gained that title with the sucess of the Tarus and F150. Instead of techinical inovation and producing the same body style every year, Chevy used less inovation and consentrated on color and body style. In the mid 20s they introduced the annual model change. This 1929 AC International series/model replaced the former 1928 AB National series costing the consumer a mere $10.00 more than its 1928 predicssor (that featured only a four). This car was powered by a newly designed 194 cubic inch (3,180 cc) straight-six engine that produced an amazing 46 hp @ 2,400 rpms that in constantly improved versions continued in production well into the mid 1950s. Also amazing is how the original interior in this car has lasted for 88+ years considering the fabrics of that day and time were not synthtic. So . . I guess bottom line is: Own your own piece of automotive history by purchasing this original 1929 Chevy Coupe! -Vehicle is on consignment and at our clients home -Please Call First and talk to a rep at 231-468-2809 EXT 1 -Showroom is by appointment only Please Call -If you would like a FREE Listing please visit our consignment page or Call