1926 Chevrolet Other$19,995

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Price: $19,995
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Location: Lithia Springs, GA
Hard to think of a Chevy pickup as being uncommon or rareand#44; but when was the last time you saw anything like this 1926 Chevrolet Canopy Express truck? A neat little commercial hauler with a lot of eyeball appealand#44; its vintage fun thats easy to loveand#44; all for a price that makes a lot of sense.<br /> <br /> The upright cab and handsome wood box date this truck into the 20sand#44; and you can imagine it being stocked with fruits and vegetables as it moved from location to location selling its wares. The olive green paint is perfect for a working class machine like this and the black fendersand#44; which were traditional back thenand#44; add to the no-nonsense look. In 1926and#44; this Chevy was a smart alternative to the venerable Model Tand#44; with the Chevy being biggerand#44; strongerand#44; and faster in every way. The restoration was done some years agoand#44; so its got what we like to call patinaand#44; but on a truck like thisand#44; a few work-related incidents only reinforce the appeal. The canopy adds some protection for the open bedand#44; and drop-down vinyl curtains help close it up in inclement weatherand#44; making it a rather useful hauler if youre also running a business out of it. Radiator shells on commercial vehicles were typically paintedand#44; as is the case hereand#44; so theres not much bright trimand#44; and you get a single taillight out backand#44; as was common at the time. Overalland#44; it has a great all-of-a-piece look thats very appropriate.<br /> <br /> The interior is bare-bonesand#44; no doubt about it; you dont even get a rear bulkhead between the cabin and the bed! But thats how they were builtand#44; with a single-minded dedication to being as functional as possible. The twin bucket seats are covered in vinyland#44; the floor is bare painted woodand#44; and there are no door panelsand#44; just a basic latch mechanism and a cool sliding window setup. A big wood-rimmed steering wheel warms things up a bitand#44; and unlike the venerable Model Tand#44; you actually got a full set of gaugesand#44; including a speedometerand#44; ammeterand#44; and oil pressure gauge. The controls are also more familiar than those in the Tand#44; with a traditional clutchand#44; brakeand#44; and accelerator and a 3-speed manual transmission in the middle. The windshield actually slides open as welland#44; and with the open rear areaand#44; its comfortable and breezy inside at the trucks comfortable cruising speed of about 35 MPH. <br /> <br /> Chevys tough 4-cylinder displaced 171 cubic inchesand#44; which was about the same as the Model Tand#44; but it offered overhead valvesand#44; which was still a cutting-edge innovation in the 20s. Its rated at 26 horsepowerand#44; but this little engine is all about torqueand#44; and it moves the truck with enthusiasm that minimizes the need to constantly shift. The engine is neatly detailed and looks pretty good considering its ageand#44; and the industrial-look of all the copper linesand#44; wiresand#44; and heavy-duty fasteners is really kind of neat. It starts easily and drives veryand#44; very welland#44; with a comfortable ease that only comes from a vehicle thats been used regularly. The transmission shifts well with a quick double-clutchand#44; and the rear-wheel-only brakes are decent considering the trucks performance envelope. Its really clean underneath and the painted wood spoke wheels look great wearing those dressy wide whites.<br /> <br /> Imagine your businesss logo on the side of this little truckand#44; or hitting the local cruise night and parades. This truck is going to be a hit everywhere it goes. Have some fun in a Chevy truck. Call now!