1924 Chrysler Other$29,995

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Price: $29,995
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Location: La Vergne, TN
Automotive executive Walter Chrysler set out to put his own mark on the worldand#44; and this 1924 Chrysler B-70 roadster is it. The first year for the celebrated nameplateand#44; this roadster launched the legend with advanced features such as hydraulic brakesand#44; full pressure lubricationand#44; and lightweight construction. The B-70 was often argued as the best cars of its timeand#44; and established Chrysler as a company known for its engineering. Now you can own a beautiful example of that history.<br /> <br><br> OK historiansand#44; you know that the Chrysler Corporation was established in 1925and#44; but the first examples actually came out in 1924. Walter Chrysler was so eager to get his car out in the worldand#44; so the having a 1924 model is already a great story. But beyond historyand#44; youll love this roadster because the two tone dark blue and gray makes for an attractive combo that has modern appeal without losing that Roaring 20s feeling. Of course wood-spoke wheelsand#44; running boardsand#44; and the skinny two-piece windshield will always bring out the vintage style. The car was restored at least once in its lifetimeand#44; and so not only do you get the shine of re-chromed bumpersand#44; radiator mascotand#44; and grilleand#44; but also the body retains good fundamentals like the well-fitting doors. Chrysler offered nine body styles of the B-70and#44; but arguably the roadster is the best. Its the sportiest of the packand#44; which is a great way to feature a car that set many speed records.<br /> <br><br> The interior was built to be a sunny day friend. Underneath the black vinyl folding roof are matching seats and door panels. All of this was likely applied during the restorationand#44; and they remain clean and durable today. The driver gets the classic big wood-rimmed steering wheel and a chunky three-speed floor shifter. The handsome instrument panel features such innovations as an actual temperature gauge (instead of a Moto-Meter radiator cap) and internal back-lightingand#44; something that most automakers wouldnt adopt until the 1930s.<br /> <br><br> Chryslers reputation for advanced engineering began hereand#44; and the B-70 was named for its 70 MPH top speed. The red on the 201 cubic inch six-cylinder engine denotes high compression (4.7:1and#44; about 20% more than the rest of the industry) and it makes a fairly robust 68 horsepower. It ran with the larger eight-cylinder cars of the dayand#44; and became a darling of the budding world of road racing. But even just on country lanesand#44; the advanced-engineered motor was an asset. With seven main bearingsand#44; its durableand#44; smoothand#44; and torqueyand#44; and uses innovations such as the aforementioned full pressure lubrication and the industrys very first removable oil filter. Notablyand#44; Chrysler was one of the first automakers to adopt hydraulic brakesand#44; which are external contracting on the drums behind each of those handsome wood-spoke wheels.<br /> <br><br> This is automotive history that few get to see and even fewer get to possess. If youre quick enoughand#44; an affordable way to showcase the genesis of the Chrysler brand is within reach. Call today!!!