1924 Chrysler Other$32,650

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Price: $32,650
Contact: View Original Ad from Hemmings
Location: San Jose, CA
This 1924 CHRYSLERis #8966 of CHRYSLERSfirst production run of some 40,000. It was the WORLDS finest MASS produced TOURING SEDAN when it was introduced. It came with 4 wheel hydraulic brakes, a first in the industry. The 6 cylinder engine was PRESSURE lubricated, also a first in the industry. This allowed for higher speeds that the vehicle could attain. The designated Model B-70 was meant to siginify that it could go 70 MPH! The engine has been totally rebuilt. It was dis-mantled and boiled out. The 7 main bearings and 6 rod bearings were all re-poured and machined by an expert in old cars. The crankshaft has been re-ground and the bearings machined to match. The SEVEN main bearingswere line bored to within .002 of an inch. The engine has less that 300 miles on it. The RADIATOR is also NEW. The old radiator design was such that it couldnt be rodded out. The CHRYSLER has wood spoke wheels and aluminum step plates on the running boards. The upholstery is in very good condition. As seen in the pictures, there are side curtains for the rear passenger compartment, and a custom car cover. I have the ORIGINAL LICENSE PLATE. the ORIGINAL PURCHASE ORDER, the ORIGINAL REGISTRATION APPLICATION, the ORIGINAL OWNERS MANUAL, and the ORIGINAL LUBRICATION CHART! I use the CHRYSLER mainly for car shows and parades. I have magnetic signs for the sides of the car that states 1924CHRYSLER TOURING SEDAN for when its in a parade, people can tell what theyre seeing. The CHRYSLER originally sold for $1535.00. The reason for selling is that Im now 83 years old, and have had two heart surguries and twospine surguries. Buyer is responsible for shipping.