1923 Studebaker Other$35,995

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Price: $35,995
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Location: Lithia Springs, GA
For many of usand#44; the name Studebaker may not be that commonand#44; but in the early days of motoringand#44; cars like this 1923 Studebaker Big Six touring were very well-knownand#44; highly respectedand#44; and admired. Todayand#44; cars of the so-called nickel era between 1916 and 1928 are a wonderful way to get very road-worthy and attractive old cars at surprisingly reasonable prices.<br /> <br /> The Studebaker Big 6 was state-of-the-art in 1923and#44; a car that included every modern piece of tech imaginable back then. They were also bigand#44; impressive cars with a lot of performanceand#44; all of which is exemplified in this sleek touring car. Its got a lot of styling cues that would extend throughout the 1920sand#44; and offers a unique look with the big fluted headlights and gracefully arching front fenders. The cobalt blue paint is one of the few colors you could get on a touring car that yearand#44; and it looks suitably sporty without being too flashyand#44; which was the perfect definition of Studebakers market. The hood was repainted to the former owners tasteand#44; but brightens up this antique just a little bit more. Details like the door handlesand#44; ornate step platesand#44; and neat little cowl lights all make this big touring car look imposing and sophisticated. And yesand#44; its got suicide-style doorsand#44; which is always cool.<br /> <br /> The interior is basicand#44; which all cars were in 1923. Theres a set of handsomely pleated black leather seats with room for fiveand#44; and space in back is truly massive. Up frontand#44; you get a big wood steering wheel that makes handling the big Stude relatively easy and the controls will be familiarand#44; even today. The brakeand#44; acceleratorand#44; and clutch are in their usual spots and the shifterand#44; while requiring a quick double-clutch between gearsand#44; doesnt feel all that different than todays units. Secondary controls for the spark and throttle are on the steering huband#44; along with the hornand#44; while ignition and headlights are on the dash. Other instrumentation includes an ammeterand#44; oil pressure gauges and speedometerand#44; with a Moto-Meter out there on top of the radiator where it belongs. Front seat occupants get battleship linoleum under their feet while theres plush carpet in backand#44; complete with a foot rest. The black convertible top folds best if there are two of you and theres an accessory trunk out back for a little extra carrying capacity.<br /> <br /> They called these the Big Six for good reason: there are 354 cubic inches living under that long hood. Designed for smooth torque that minimizes shiftingand#44; it pulls the big touring car around with genuine authority. Regarded as one of the fastest cars of the eraand#44; its got 75 horsepower and cruises pretty happily at 45-50 MPH. The engine fills up that engine bayand#44; using a typical flathead design with a distributor up front and a vacuum tank on the firewall that feeds the updraft carburetor (assisted by a modern electric fuel pump out back). Its quite correctand#44; still running the heat riser from the exhaust manifold and vintage-style cloth-wrapped hoses and a leather fan beltand#44; and once you master the staring procedureand#44; it springs to life easily. The 3-speed manual transmission has well-spaced ratios and it works best if you remember that this car likes low RPMand#44; so you dont have to wring it out to get best results. The suspension is rigid axles and leaf springsand#44; and with drum brakes on the rear wheels onlyand#44; you should probably plan your stops carefully. Disc wheels were a dashing optionand#44; with these carrying handsome wide whites that really dress the car up. <br /> <br /> Unusual but worthy of consideration for any collectorand#44; this big Studebaker has a wonderful period feel that still works well today. These dont come up for sale very oftenand#44; dont miss your chance to own a piece of American