1923 Ford Other$22,995

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Price: $22,995
Contact: View Original Ad from Hemmings
Location: Fort Worth, TX
The T-bucket is one of the most enduring and endearing styles in all of hot rodding. The idea has always been that the T-bucket was built from scavenged partsand#44; but many of themand#44; such as this bright red roadsterand#44; are just too beautifully finished and detailed to be considered junkyard dogs anymore.<br /> <br /> Finished just a few years ago and based on a modern fiberglass bodyand#44; the shape is archetypal T-bucketand#44; with the talland#44; vertical windshield and stubby pickup truck bed out back. Nobodys really sure how that came to beand#44; since Ford pickups never looked like thisand#44; but today its the accepted style of the T-bucket and it just looks right. Every inch of this one has been expertly preppedand#44; eliminating any waves or distortions in the bodyworkand#44; and its a lot nicer than youd expect from the bare-bones T. The paint is a handsome burgundy metallicand#44; which is a nice change from either the primer black that has recently come back into fashionand#44; or the excessively metallic hues that characterized T-buckets of the 60s and 70s. In factand#44; just about everything on the car was bathed in that beautiful paintand#44; including the radiator shelland#44; frameand#44; and most of the suspension. There are a few chrome bits to add some contrastand#44; including the tall windshield with support stanchionsand#44; and King Bee-style headlights give it a traditional look. <br /> <br /> In their back-to-basics styleand#44; many T-buckets had bare interiors with nothing more than a blanket for upholstery and if you were luckyand#44; maybe an oil pressure gauge. Not so hereand#44; where theres two-tone upholstery and a full array of gauges keeping an eye on the small block up front. Stitched up in traditional pleated fashionand#44; the seats and side panels are nicely doneand#44; and this one even features a custom-tailored carpet set that makes it feel civilized. The doorsand#44; of courseand#44; are simply for showand#44; because no true T-bucket driver does anything other than hop over the sides and hit the road. The dashboard is nicely turned out with a complete array of white-faced Stewart Warner gauges set into an oak instrument panel. Just the basicsand#44; right?<br /> <br /> The engine is a 383 cubic inch Chevy stroker motor that was built to run. The most striking feature is the big Holley 420 blower pulling 9 pounds of air through a pair of 4-barrel carbs. The heads were ported and polished and it was fitted with a Crower valve train. All toldand#44; it makes a shocking 606 horsepower on the dynoand#44; enough to make this T every bit as fast as it looks. Dress up gear includes the trick throttle-actuated air cleaner and chrome valve coversand#44; and the headers are exactly what every T-bucket wears: long tubes blowing through massive chrome side pipes. The chassis is nicely finishedand#44; with most of the details out in the open for easy examination. The front clip is traditional trailing arms and a tube axleand#44; while out back theres a narrowed 9-inch riding on a set of coil over shocks and ladder bars. In betweenand#44; youll find a quick-shifting TH350 3-speed automatic transmission thats the only sane choice in a car like this. Youll note that there are disc brakes in back onlyand#44; but theyre plenty effective with all that rubber on the ground. Thats good newsand#44; tooand#44; because the only rolling stock you can put on a T-bucket are skinnies up front and massive meats out back; in this caseand#44; theyre gigantic Mickey Thompsons on shiny Weld Pro-Star wheels.<br /> <br /> Remarkablyand#44; it seems that T-buckets are as popular today as they ever wereand#44; and their combination of outrageous looks and potent performance makes them a real party to driveand#44; with this one being nicer than most. Call today!