1923 Ford Other$19,995

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Price: $19,995
Contact: View Original Ad from Hemmings
Location: Lithia Springs, GA
A lot of folks thought the day of the T-bucket was overand#44; but recent strong sales (weve sold several in the past few months) suggest that everything old is new again. This particular 1923 Ford T-bucket nails the look and the feeland#44; combining the classic truncated Model T pickup body with a smooth-running Chevy V8 powerplant up front.<br /> <br /> If youre doing a T-bucketand#44; you need to go full retro with it. That means wild paintand#44; plenty of pinstripesand#44; and a top that looks like it was penned by the Ratfink himself. All the T-buckets are fiberglass these daysand#44; and this is no exceptionand#44; and it absolutely nails that modified Model T look. Finish quality is quite niceand#44; and you really cant tell its fantastic plastic until you knock your knuckles on itand#44; and it captures all the detailing that the Model T offeredand#44; from the framed tailgate to the outline of a door on each side of the cab (there are no doorsand#44; of course). The bright yellow paint is perhaps the most striking element of the entire carand#44; but the accents in basic blackand#44; including pinstripes and Ford script on the tail give it that vintage hot rod look T-buckets are famous for. 1950 Pontiac taillightsand#44; a brass Model T radiator shelland#44; and King Bee headlights are all traditional pieces of the formulaand#44; but each car still seems to look different from the othersand#44; including this one. Its a driverand#44; but you can tell its been loved.<br /> <br /> The interior is simpleand#44; but youll probably appreciate the gray cloth upholstery when youre out for a cruiseand#44; because A/C is not available in a T-bucket. Strictly a 2-seaterand#44; the bench is neatly finished with diamond-tufted upholstery and yellow piping to tie it all together. The upright steering column that is part of the T-bucket formula is topped by a wood-rimmed wheeland#44; and bright white-faced Auto Meter gauges are spread across the dash. That tall black canvas convertible top is removableand#44; creating the open-air T-bucket lookand#44; and the shrunken bed out back houses the gas tank. Theres no radioand#44; no heaterand#44; andand#44; welland#44; nothing but engine and the barest of minimums to operate itand#44; and thats entirely the point.<br /> <br /> The engine is a chromed 350 cubic inch Chevy small block thats as much as styling element as powerplant. Dominated by an Edelbrock 4-barrel carb and those outrageous headers and side pipesand#44; the look is instantly identifiable and the sucker runs extremely well. Fully sortedand#44; it starts easilyand#44; idles welland#44; and is happy to trundle through traffic without overheating thanks to a beefy radiator stuffed into that cut-down radiator shell. Its backed by a PowerGlide 2-speed automatic and a 10-bolt rearand#44; which hangs from a 4-link setup. Up frontand#44; the traditional dropped axle on hairpins is one of the coolest featuresand#44; since you can watch it working from the drivers seat. There are also front disc brakes grafted onto the tubular front axleand#44; so it has impressive stopping power. And while many T-buckets push the limits of tireand#44; this one wears reasonably-sized 215/70/14 front and 225/70/15 whitewall radials on custom chrome wire wheels.<br /> <br /> Is the T-bucket back? Given how easily they selland#44; theres clearly a large group of guys out there who still think theyre cool. If youre one of themand#44; give us a call today!